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I enjoy my diverse career and am usually juggling multiple projects, but my favorites are the opportunities for public speaking, which includes personal appearances, cooking classes, and media work. My style is casual, credible, fun, and informative.

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I consider myself a storyteller, but most of my stories are about food, from recipes to essays on the roles that our foodways play in our families, lives, history, and culture. I write books (as an author, collaborator, consultant, or ghostwriter), magazine articles, guest blog posts, and am always open to unusual assignments. I’ve won several awards for my work, but the best praise is when readers tell me that my words matter.

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I have developed hundreds of recipes during my career and have tested dozens of cookbooks, including renowned award winners. I’m known for inventive recipes that are creative without being weird. I am adept at translating chef dishes into recipes that are appropriate for home cooks at all skill levels, and am famous for my peppering recipes and headnotes with useful tips and hints that foster confidence and enthusiasm. I also edit recipes for other cooks and food writers.